Yawar Fiesta
Directed by Oscar Durand, Elie Gardner, AND
Cecilia Larrabure

Produced by Inti-Media


Once a year, dozens of Peruvian mountain towns capture condors and tie them to the backs of bulls for a bullfight in an event known as Yawar Fiesta. The centuries-old practice, linked to the Andean culture, in some cases kills or maims the giant birds, which are endangered in Peru. Now, Peruvian legislators are trying to reduce the impact on the condor without infringing on tradition. Video published by Storyhunter and AOL News.


The directors were working to create a trailer for the documentary that would appeal to Peruvian agencies on both sides of the issue, cultural conservationists and animal conservationists. 


Consulted filmmakers on message strategy to maximize fundraising opportunities and agency support for the film on both sides of the issue.